Marching Band Updates

Friday Night

  • This Friday we will have our first football game. There are many moving parts at football games, so it can be very hectic if we are not prepared.
  • First, we will need assistance in the concession stand! We are fortunate to be able to run concessions at all home football and basketball games. This is a huge fundraiser for us and it truly takes a village. Everyone should do their best to work at least one game (if not more)! It’s a lot of fun and, again, makes money for the band! Click HERE to sign up!
    • We will also need some band parents to help move the front ensemble equipment out on to the field at half time! This is formally known as the PIT CREW! The pit crew gets to watch the show for FREE at contests (being on the pit crew is a big deal and, again, a lot of fun)!
    • Please be aware that half time is our busiest time at concessions and we need all the help we can get. We will set up a rotation so that people get to watch the show some times, but please understand that we may not always be able to let a lot of people go!
  • In the past, we have paid the softball team to clean up the stadium after games. Last year, this service cost over $1,600! This year, we are taking on the cleaning ourselves and will need help cleaning up after the game. I know it will be a long day for students and I want everyone to get home as soon as possible…the more hands we have on deck, the better. With 80+ kids and parents, it should take no time to clean up the stadium and concessions area after we are done Friday night!
  • Schedule
    • 3:30 Rehearsal
    • 5:30 Dinner (provided by the Music Boosters at the concessions stand)
    • 6:30 Report to Warm Up Areas in Uniform
      • Uniform will be show shirt, khaki shorts (with belt), and marching shoes. Color guard will be in full uniform.
        • I will pass out show shirts and marching shoes this week.
    • 7:20 Star Spangled Banner on the field
    • 7:30 Game Begins
    • 8:30 Approximate Halftime Performance
    • 9:30 Approximate Game Ending
    • 10:30 Approximate Dismissal

Please email Mr. Ervin at if you have any questions!