March Madness Magazine Fundraiser

We are raising money to offset costs of travel, instruments, and equipment for the concert band, wind ensemble, and percussion ensemble. The things we need tend to cost more as the program increases in size. This is a good problem to have, but puts a burden on everyone involved. In a perfect world, our program would be fully funded by the school and the local board…I digress. Luckily, we have an awesome booster club and a fantastic group of parents (and students) who work hard to make sure our kids have what they need. Now, about the fundraiser:

We are selling magazine subscriptions (and other items) as a Spring Fundraiser. I like this particular fundraiser for a few reasons:

  1. The profit margin for the band is higher than normal (75%).
  2. This should be an easy sell for students (especially with the website).
  3. There are lots of incentives for students.
    • Google Home, Apple Watch, Portable Speaker, etc.
    • Up to $925 CASH if students sell over 75 items.
      • I told the students, this is the largest incentive I have ever seen for a fundraiser. If I were a student/parent I would work together to get that cash!

To access the website, click HERE. Click Shop Now, then enter our ID# (4626073).

The website has all kinds of wonderful items (including magazines). Supporters can also donate to the band at the website. A $25 donation counts as one item sold toward an incentive for students.

This is not intended to be a “nickel and dime your parents to death” kind of fundraiser (we do that enough). You CAN help the band by sharing this link and information on your social media accounts and by word of mouth with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.

All fundraiser money and forms are due on Friday, March 30th. This is the last day before Spring Break, so no stragglers!

Please email Mr. Ervin at trevor.ervin@bullitt.kyschools.us with questions.