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Even though TEN DOLLAR TUESDAY has passed, you can still donate to the Bullitt East Band at any time, and it doesn’t have to be $10 – anything and everything helps! Click HERE and make your contribution today!

All-District 2016

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Congratulations to the following students for their placement in the 2016 KMEA District 5 All-District Band:

  • Symphonic Band
    • Emily Petri – 2nd chair Flute
    • Joel Huether – 1st chair Oboe
    • Heather Joplin – 2nd chair Bassoon
    • Miranda Whitworth – 8th chair Clarinet
    • Meghan Cook – 2nd chair Bass Clarinet
    • Kelsey Richardson – 2nd chair Tenor Saxophone
    • Travis Houpt – 3rd chair Trombone
    • Adam Moore – 4th chair Snare Drum
    • Jacklyn Carter – 2nd chair Mallets
  • Concert Band
    • Rachel Bullock – 7th chair Clarinet
    • Celia Brumbaugh – 1st chair French Horn
    • Dalton Aubrey – 3rd chair Trombone
    • Shelby Hester – 3rd chair Euphonium
    • Emily Mullins – 4th chair Euphonium
    • Andrew Leitner – 1st chair Timpani
  • All-State Reccomendations
    • Emily Petri
    • Joel Huether
    • Heather Joplin
    • Miranda Whitworth
    • Meghan Cook
    • Kelsey Richardson
    • Travis Houpt
    • Adam Moore
    • Jacklyn Carter
    • Emily Mullins
    • Shelby Hester


All-District/All-State Practice Videos

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Check out the following links for help on your 2015 KMEA All-State Audition Pieces. Updates will be made as they become available:

Flute 1:

Flute 2:

Oboe 1:

Oboe 2:

Bassoon 1:

Bassoon 2:

Clarinet 1:

Clarinet 2:

Bass Clarinet:

Alto Sax:

Tenor Sax:

Bari Sax:


French Horn 1:

French Horn 2:




Snare Drum:






Ballard 2015

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I’m very proud of the kids for their awesome shows this weekend at Eastern. They performed in some extreme conditions, and rose to the challenge on both occasions. Parents, I can’t thank you enough for your help on these contest days. We literally could not do this without you – I am grateful to say the least. Another long Saturday ahead of us, folks!

Ballard Itinerary